What's Inside

Kinde has subscriptions to meet the lifestyle of all types of naturals. We understand that where we live, how we style, and other various factors impact our hair needs. We even have an edition for hair that is still mostly relaxed, or still transitioning to natural hair. Tell us about your about your hair and we'll match you to the right products, influencers, and information. 

Every three months a subscriber will get...

PRODUCTS TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS: You'll get 6-10 natural hair care products and tools, everything you need for three months of wash days. We choose quality, well-vetted brands with clean ingredients. 

THE ZINE: Our exclusive zine is where you can get the latest in natural hair care. We provide articles to prepare you for the season, help you with your hair concerns, and teach you a few recipes. As a subscriber, you can send in your questions, natural hair stories, and topics. We'll feature them in your quarterly zine for others to respond to. 

INFLUENCERS WITH SIMILAR HAIR PROFILES: For styling tips and daily maintenance we feature and interview content creators that match your hair type.


ONE TOTE BAG: The best part is you get a tote bag to carry it all!