The Good, The Bad, and The Fads

Every once in a while a new natural hair trend arrives with promises to grow your curls down to your ankles. At Kinde, we're more interested in healthy hair practices, and tend to discourage length obsession. Still, people have been slathering their hair in peanut butter, rubbing their temples with Monistat, and flipping themselves upside down trying to find the secret to magic hair growth. While this may sound crazy, most people don't care as long as it works. But do they? Let's look at some of the most popular ones to find out.


1) Inversion Method
The inversion method is a "science" backed practice that involves massaging your scalp with oil while laying upside down. You do this for about 5 minutes, and you can't do it more than one week out of the month. The idea is that the increased blood flow will stimulate hair growth. This is actually true. Scalp massages increase blood flow. They also help produce and disperse sebum, which is good for hair growth. It's the part about flipping yourself upside down that makes this method a little less than factual. There's no scientific evidence that this is effective, and it can even be dangerous.

The Verdict: It's probably unnecessary to let the blood rush to your head just for an extra inch of hair growth. The scalp and oil massage is doing most of the heavy lifting anyway. And, there are other, safer ways to add extra stimulation to your scalp massage.

2) Beer Rinse

Even Tracee Ellis Ross is a victim of this old wives' tale. Allegedly beer is full of proteins and vitamins that make your hair soft and shiny. The same has been said about wine. But, put your bottles down because this is definitely a myth. While there are certain ingredients in beer that could be beneficial to hair, it's also 5% alcohol, which cancels that out and adds damage. Your curls would be better off using products that contain barley or hops, but are also formulated for hair.

The Verdict: Just listen to Tracee

3) Rice Water

So the inversion method might leave you with a headache and beer rinses are a thing of the past. Luckily rice water is here to save the day. Originating is East Asia, rice water is used to make hair shiny and strong. This trend is everywhere, and it's been popularized by a village in China referred to as "The Land of Rapunzels". There's no risk of passing out and it's all natural and alcohol free, which means finally this must be the magic hair growth potion. Right? Well... The truth is no one really knows. Whether it promotes hair growth is only supported by anecdotal evidence. However, both experts and enthusiast agree that it has beneficial nutrients, which can improve the look of your curls. The tricky thing about rice water is that a lot of people weren't aware of how rich in protein it is. For some, this made their hair dry and brittle.

The Verdict: Because of its protein content, rice water does have the potential to prevent breakage and encourage shine. It just might not agree with everyone's hair or routine.


What kind of wacky things have you subjected your curls to in the name of hair growth. Let us know on Instagram: @meetourkinde

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