Our Story

Seven years ago, I started a journey that changed the direction of my life forever - a big step for a 16 year old. When I decided to stop relaxing my hair, I was completely clueless. I didn't even know what my natural texture looked like. Fast-forward a few years and I was on a new journey. I started my own business for natural skin care. Being able to properly analyze an ingredient's list and formulate my own cosmetics really opened my eyes to the harmful practices women, especially Black women, are subjected to at the hands of the beauty industry.


There are many reasons why I started Kinde. One of them is that I remembered the internalized texturism I experienced in the beginning stages of my natural hair journey. Texture envy was so normalized, and I was consuming a lot of content that didn't suit me. Every time something didn't work for me, I became more convinced that my hair was just wrong. With Kinde, I think that it is important to teach others how to care for their hair. 


So I began pinpointing a few problems within Black hair culture, things I want to change.

  1. 70% of the Black hair care industry is filled with toxic products, linked to cancer. We deserve a hair care industry that actually cares. It’s time our products were designed for our health and nourishment. That’s why we will only fill our subscriptions with brands who use quality, clean ingredients.
  2. Going natural looks, feels, and means something different to everyone who embarks on the journey. We’re here for anyone who’s been told they have bad hair because it doesn’t look or act like someone else thinks it should. We’re here for anyone who chose to give their hair the big chop, or keep their relaxed ends a little longer. No matter what, we deserve to embrace our hair, and give it the care it needs.
  3. Too many of us won’t discover our natural hair texture until adulthood. Caring for our hair shouldn’t be such a foreign concept, in the industry or our culture. Because it is, maintaining natural hair seems a lot more complicated than it should be. With Kinde, we want to make your journey easier and more comfortable. So, our subscribers receive articles, and other information that’s specific to their hair needs, instead of having to spend hours aimlessly searching the web.


Bottom line - our hair is worth caring for, no matter how it looks or acts. We should celebrate that every curl is different. And, if every curl is different, why should our hair care be the same? By providing our community with ease, comfort, and knowledge we hope to make a real impact in our culture.

- Kaelin Sharee, Founder