My Natural Hair Story

One thing I love about running Kinde. is getting to collect natural hair stories. We all have our own reasons for choosing our natural hair, which makes sharing our experiences so special. I realized that I don’t share my own natural hair story that often, although I feel like it’s an integral part of my life.


My decision to go natural was actually a really easy choice for me. I don’t exactly remember my first relaxer, but I know that I had never experienced caring for my hair until I decided to stop getting them. For me, getting relaxers was something I did because I thought it was something I had to do.


My hair was pretty fried by the time I turned 16. I had no clue what I was doing, so I went on Youtube to figure out how to grow my hair. Eventually, I stumbled across GlamTwinz334. 


Until I found their channel, it had never occurred to me that I could stop relaxing my hair. The idea of wearing my “natural” was completely foreign to me, but I was on board. I’d much rather have healthy curly hair than damaged straight hair anyway.


I also thought my hair was going to look like theirs. HA! 


But, their videos opened me up to a completely different world. I was surprised to find a whole community of girls wearing their natural hair. I loved that there were so many different curl types and styles. 


Despite getting relaxers, I only wore my hair in box braids and microbraids for most of my life. Still the concept of “protective styles” was new to me. These styles were so unique. After about 8 months of “transitioning,” I decided to try one for myself. I begged my mom to style my hair in Havana twists. That’s when I started to see the growth of my real texture for the first time.


Before, when my hair grew out, I knew it was time for another relaxer. It’s weird for me to think about how often I referred to my natural hair as “new growth,” thinking it was something that I needed to immediately fix. Suddenly my new growth was something I looked forward to and celebrated, a sign of progress. 


That moment for me is the most special part of my journey. 


7 years later and I’m still loving my new growth. I don’t regret my natural hair journey for a minute. It has inspired me to connect to my cultural roots, and dig deeper into healthy skin and hair care practices for Black women. What's your natural hair story?