5 Reasons to Get Subscribed

Kinde is different from your typical subscription box. We're on a mission to make Black women more knowledgeable about their hair, and empower them to embrace it no matter what. Thinking about subscribing? Sign up for our newsletter and order by September 1st to get $15 off for two quarters.

Keeps Your Routine Consistent

Kinde plans out your entire routine for three months. You’ll know exactly what to use and when to use it. We don’t overload you with samples to simply try once and throw out. Instead you’ll get full size products tailored to your needs, and enough time to make sure they’re working. 

Variety of Brands 

As naturals, we use products from many different brands, but subscription boxes don’t often reflect that. A lot of services use different products under the same brand under the same collection. Since Kinde is tailored to your needs, you get a variety of brands and products. Sometimes you get multiples of the same type of product, depending on how much you use it. 

Products With Clean Ingredients

We hate cheap, toxic, filler ingredients that are commonly found in Black hair products. It’s important that the products in our boxes go beyond making your hair look good. They should make you feel good too. Your hair health is our top priority. 

Learn More About Your Hair 

Getting the right products for you is awesome, but Kinde is about more than that. We want to advance our culture towards healthier hair practices. Your natural hair kit includes articles, quick tips, and helpful content to teach you to care for your curls. We have all kinds of kits with basic information for beginners (transitioning hair) and information to guide those who are deeper into their journey. 

Track Your Journey 

Throughout the quarter you’ll be able to use your planner to monitor your routine and see what’s working. Fill in the details of your wash day, mark your protein treatments, and keep track of your trims. Get to know what’s best for you.